event photographer


Spontaneity, efficiency and discretion. Experienced – I work on many events in Brussels and Belgium. Cultural events, openings (Fondation Thalie, Bozar, Iselp, Cinemamed, City of Brussels) – Meetings, debates, presentations, workshops and conferences. – (Euronext, European Parliament, Think Film Impact, Ectaa, Women’s Association, Total Energies)

I also regularly cover fashion shows backstage at Fashion Week in Paris and Milan for the production company Back of the House. These include Issey Miyake, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Kenzo, Jil Sander, Acne Studios and Aigle. I also take backstage photos for Mosaert. The photos are systematically retouched and delivered within hours of the event.


During each fashion week – I take photos in the backstage areas of fashion shows in Paris and Milan.

During these events, I have to capture the atmosphere, identity and energy specific to each designer and each collection.

I try to recreate the atmosphere of this unique moment dedicated to wonder, using creativity and daring. All the while maintaining a rigorous aesthetic and technical approach.

Ref : Jean-Paul Gaultier / Kenzo / Issey Miyake / Aigle / Acne Studio / Jil Sander / Thom Brown / Y Project / Zegna / Nina Ricci / Back of The House

I also work with Mosaert behind the scenes of their capsules.

Welcome to the captivating universe of fashion backstage, where the art of photography meets the creative effervescence of the catwalks. As a fashion show backstage photographer, my goal is to capture the vibrant energy, excitement and intimacy that takes place behind the scenes, where trends are born and inspiration comes to life.


Each shot I make is a dive into the heart of the artistic effervescence, revealing the very essence of the creative process. From elaborate make-up to the final touch-ups on the outfits before their grand unveiling on the podium, my photographs tell the fascinating story behind the scenes.


My privileged approach is to capture the authentic moment, the moment when the creator, the model and the creative team merge to give life to a common vision. It is in these fleeting moments that passion, artistic expression and the incessant search for perfection are manifested.


Every detail counts, and my photographs aim to immortalize not only the breathtaking creations, but also the raw emotions, the complicit smiles and the concentrated looks that punctuate the preparations behind the scenes. My goal is to transport the viewer beyond the podium, to feel the intensity and excitement that emanates from this unique universe.


Through my goal, I want to share the magic of the backstage, offering privileged access to this reserved space where creative excitement and innovation merge to give birth to the ephemeral elegance that will soon illuminate the catwalks around the world.


Welcome to my photographic world, where every image tells a story and every detail behind the scenes becomes a work of art in its own right


I regularly report on openings, festivals and inaugurations – mainly in Brussels. During these events, I try to highlight the interactions, the smiles exchanged, the venue and the sponsors. I capture the atmosphere, the decoration and the spontaneity of the moment.

Ref : Iselp / Fondation Thalie / Bozar / Think Film Impact / Cinémamed / Cinéma Palace / Ville de Bruxelles / Bruxelles Architecture Prize / Esra / Mima / Fondation pour l’enseignement.

Dive into the heart of the cultural effervescence through my lens, where each shot becomes a window open to the emotion, creativity and diversity of cultural events. As a photographer passionate about the richness of our artistic heritage, my goal is to capture the precise moment when art, music, dance and celebration come together to create lasting memories.


Every cultural event is a living canvas, imbued with a unique energy and palpable atmosphere. My photographs are an invitation to experience and relive these exceptional moments, whether they are vibrant festivals, enchanting theatrical shows or captivating exhibitions.


Beyond the simple capture of images, my goal is to convey the very essence of each event. From emotional expressions frozen in time to subtle details that give life to the cultural soul, my photographs reveal a deep and nuanced history.


By browsing my works, you will discover the diversity of artistic manifestations that embellish our world. Each shot is a celebration of the creativity, innovation and passion that animate artists and audiences at these unique events.


Join me on a visual journey to the heart of cultural effervescence, where every image tells a story, every moment becomes a timeless memory, and every event is a celebration of the richness of our artistic heritage. Welcome to my photographic universe, where culture comes to life through the lens.


For various Belgian, Brussels and European institutions – I produce photographic reports of the day’s events – details, locations, speakers, banners, group photos, sponsors, discussion circles – I photograph the atmosphere as accurately as possible, imposing a professional and inspiring touch.

Ref : Euronext / European Commission / Total Energie / Färm / Women’s Association / ECTAA / BHS / Seauton / Cecoforma group / Pitchaya Films

Welcome to the captivating universe of institutional events, where the importance of moments and the greatness of celebrations are immortalized through my lens. As a photographer specializing in the visual documentation of institutional events, my job is to capture the solemn essence, dignity and meaning of each gathering.

Every shot I capture is a window into the unfolding story, whether it’s an official ceremony, a high-level conference, a prestigious awards ceremony or any other milestone. My meticulous approach aims to highlight the gravity of the occasion, capturing every gesture, every speech and every meaningful moment with a precision that pays tribute to the importance of these events.

My goal is to provide an authentic and powerful look at the institutions, personalities and moments that shape our society. Through my photographs, I seek to convey the solemnity of the ceremonies, the dynamics of the discussions and the impact of the decisions made at these crucial gatherings.

Each image thus becomes a visual archive, a visual testimony of the greatness and relevance of these institutional events. My commitment to visual quality and visual storytelling ensures that each shot tells a meaningful story and helps preserve the memory of key moments that impact our society.

Welcome to my photographic world, where institutional events come to life through an attentive lens, capturing the greatness and importance of every memorable moment.